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Golden Vale Writers Group

A group for writers (published, aspiring, or starting a new hobbie) based on Cashel, Co. Tipperary.


This group is for people from Tipperary South, has ties with the area, like the area or just want to write in a supportive group.

Join here.

We have daily themes, good engagement and are already planning an Anthology.

Hello, and welcome to Golden Vale Writers Group, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

This group is for new and established writers interested in the craft and practice of writing and everything connected with that.

Please introduce yourself when you join in a new post, do a very short live, or respond in the comments with an intro. Whatever you feel comfortable doing.

Here’s what you can do here:

1. Every day we will have a theme, I can post the topic and then you can either comment, share in new posts, do a very short fb live, whatever works for you.

#MondayMotivation - what do you do to motivate your writing habbit, please share the motivation.

#TuesdayTips - writing tips, craft of writing tips, lifestyle tips to enable more writing.

#WednesdayCritique - share work your like feedback on either in a very short live, thread, post.

#ThursdayGettingPublished Share magazine submission details, agent details, your published pieces, advice in your getting published journey.

#Fridayselfpromo day. Share whatever you want about your services, books, blogs, businesses....

#SaturdayAnthology - an exciting project where we contribute a finished, edited and polished piece of work. Could be published as an eBook on Amazon, sold for 3.50 maybe more, with all money going to Golden Vale Writer's charity - Féileacáin Ireland.

#SundayJokes, memes, fun stuff shared for the pure lols of it.

2. PARTICIPATE in group conversations and activities, make friends and learn a lot.

This is a place for writers to connect, so we can all help each other become stronger writers.

It would be great to meet in person after Lockdown is over.

While this group is open to all it is ideally for people from the Golden Vale, connected with the area, love the area or just need a group of writers and think Tipp is amazing!

Michelle Moloney King