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doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

I feel that Lavender essential oil is always the game changer when people realise doTERRA is for them.

Soothing, reminiscent of times gone by, deep pink lung is the best. And no, you won't be allergic to it if you have gotten reactions in the past it is more than likely due to oils have fake fragrance and synthetic in them.

Our most popular oil, lavender has been cherished for its unmistakable aroma and its therapeutic properties for thousands of years. This pure and highly concentrated Lavender essential oil is a must have.

doTERRA is the most trusted and tested essential oil company in the world.

Right, let's learn more - 

  • Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities
  • Soothes occasional skin irritations
  • Helps skin recover quickly
  • Eases muscle tension in the head and neck  

Every batch of dōTERRA® essential oils is subjected to strict requirements set forth in the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. This protocol ensures potency, purity, and consistency batch to batch. Aint science grand!

 See doTERRA's pdf fact sheet here.

The quality of the doTERRA essential oils is high, being purely natural and potent - often one drop does the job! 

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