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How to Become Unstuck in OCD Neurotic Overthinking.

The Power of Positive Thinking
The idea of neuroplasticity has given new hope to people with physical, emotional, and mental issues that before this had been given hope for change. Just like our phones, our software can be updated too.

However, the more we think about something the more that neural pathway is entrenched. It can be harder to change the older you get and it can be difficult if you are continuously thinking about the same emotional issues. Which is so difficult right now considering the world is at home, staying safe, during lockdown. But now could be the time to get some things straight. A plan for our life.

Having the same conversations. Feeling the same feelings with the same attachment. It is OK to feel a feeling but adding in some space to that observation and having a trajectory of - this feeling will pass. The past is not here anymore and the future does not exist - I am here and I am now.

In researcher Carr’s words, “plastic does not mean elastic.” Neural pathways become entrenched, the more they resist the process of rewiring.


Overthinking in times when issues stalled, paused or shook my life the mind would try to get to the bottom. Leading me down a bunny hole.

The more thinking I'd do would end in my becoming entrenched furthur more in my own suffering.

When I finished studying my Hypnotherapy courses in Marino DUblin I felt so free. It can be easy to bring balance and peace to your mind when you have the keys. Studying Wellness Coaching re-emphasised that with the concepts of life planning - which is why I have a Life Planner coming soon to the shop.

The older, entrenched pathways are paths of least resistance amongst which neurons like to communicate, which keeps us on a path of repeating similar feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Just say that sentence one more time.

Now write it down.

And breath. Now, maybe consider asking your brain to help you while you make new pathways. Forging a way in an unthrothen forest path is hard, but borrowing deeper into a mucky rabbit hole is worse. Lean into that concept.

Plan what you want to feel  - draw a picture of it. Write down some simple actionable steps that you can move the needle every day

now go do that.

Please let me know how you get on, either on the biz insta or pop me an email Moloney.Michelle

Mind your mind, now more thatn ever.

Michelle x