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How to Reduce Your Toxic Load - The doTERRA Way

How I reduced my toxic load with doTERRA’s help.

Most of you reading this are already my doTERRA wholesale customers and already have access to wellness education. To those of you not, well take from this what works best for you. 
I'm a mum, primary school teacher, living my best lockdown life and find doTERRA is the easiest way for me to do this. I do use doTERRA products a lot but do swap and change when I want. You do you, find your fit. If you want more info on Moloney.michelle @ gmail. com or follow along online.

Drink more water 

Flushes the body, aids in blood and lymphatic flow, sorts ph balance, add a splash of apple cidre vinegar to ensure stable ph balance, aids building new cells, aids plumping skin and reducing appearance of fine line and wrinkles kn your face.

I bought a huge glass  (a german beer two pint glass) and have it filled as a reminder to drink up more water.

Stop using fake fragrances

They block cell receptors and prevent them from binding with natural chemicals ensuring cellular health. So so easy to implement and probably the most important thing you can ever do fpe your health, especially your hormone health.
I use doTERRA’s emotional aromatherapy as perfume or make my own.

Stop using heavy hitting cleaning products

You do you, always go with your gut. But do research these chemicals, they are harder, can harm internal linings and smell nasty. But during covid, I would use Milton sometimes too. 
I use doTERRA’s concentrate cleaner and lemon essential oil to make my own. Just as effective. 

Make your own green cleaning products 

as above, also I did a green cleaning course with my doTERRA team’s guidance and learnt so much.

Take organic, wholefood supplements

I take doTERRA’s LLV Life Long Vitality organic and wholefood supplements and cannot believe the changes, will share soon.

Learn about inflammation and how to reduce it

Inflamation can break havoc on the body, try to eat clean, avoid sugar, meditation can also help reduce the effects of inflammation. I'll do a more comprehensive blog post on this topic soon.
I have made my own antiimflamation roller bottles which help and the LLV supplements.

Sugar is not your friend

Swap it for Steeva, a natural sugar without any nasty effects kn your body. And tastes amazing.

Organic fruit and veg

Shop smarter, I buy fresh food more often and choose organic for the dirty dozen. 
If you can't buy organic veggies and fruit try soaking them in salted water overnight. Apple cider vinegar, or lemons essential oil will work nicely too.
Also, doTERRA is organic where possible, essential oils, supplements, skincare.

Avoid plastic

Plastice can leach into foods. So gross, I read that most people.consume enough microplastic to.make a bank care every week! Store foods in glass.
doTERRA have reduced my plastic comsumption as I make my own green cleaning products, use their concentrate hand cleaner, and their orders come plastic free shipping.

Get familiar with labelling 

I used to be so suspect of skincare when I'd see alochol or acids listed in them but they actually play emvery important roles. So research!
doTERRA is organic and I can use their site to learn more about their ingredients.
Increase antioxidante - yup, doTERRA again in taking the LLV supplements.

Take some time out for self-care - using the emotional aromatherapy rollers help.
Get sweaty - doTERRA’s blend Motivate helps motivate me lols
You do you, research, question what you think is good, get new friends to learn new ways.
Chat soon, Michelle
I'm @Moloney_King on insta
And @MoloneyKing on Twitter.
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