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How to using Face Yoga as a key to unlocking your overall wellness.

They say a spine is made of a series of vertebrae stacked upon one another. We say a spine is made of holidays, perfume, hot rain on cement, copper crowns,  coffee stained books, candles, thunder storms, wish lists, the smell of a forest at dusk, Vogue magazines, friends, memories, hopes, dreams, leading all the way to the top vertebrae.

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The top vertebrae is a lump of clay.  There is something in the clay. And your job, your only job, is to find it.

This business started or organically that I did not even realize it was a business until I needed to build the website to start selling to friends of friends who wanted to get support.

Using Face Yoga as a key to unlocking their overall wellness. It is so simple, so easy and yet can help so much.

First things first, let’s have a look at the Life Circle.

Your aim is to do one thing from that daily. If you can’t then use the principle form Face Yoga Ireland - use the face as the key - if you follow the life wheel and use the outcome of a smooth, glowing, dewy and toned face then everything else will fall into place.


So easy.