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June 2020 planner for Lockdown Wellness.

The price of a cup of coffee to take your life back, yes please!

Hi, I'm I'm Michelle, I'm a Primary School Teacher, Computer Science degree holder, Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach, Aromatherapist, Kinesiologiest, Herbalist, and Face Yoga Teacher but more importantly I'm a mom who wants life to flow with grace and ease.

How this pdf planner will help you: 

  • Create a Gratitude Practice.


  • Become a Reflective Practitioner in your life.


  • Spot your habbits, patterns and embrace them or make new ones.


  • Budget for the month with ease.


  • Plan fun activities during the end of this lockdown.


  • Create a new relationship with food.


  • And stickers.....

Ask yourself important questions in order to redefine your life

  • Do you want to redefine your life to get out of a rut?
  • Want to find your flow to go with the flow?
  • How about feeling calmer?
  • Want to peacefully become a calm  observer of your life to notice the patterns that work?
  • Can you imagine stopping the patterns that no longer serve you?
  • See yourself creating new patterns to design the life you know you deserve?

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Results of using this digital planner

This wellness planner was designed with wellness at its core. We zone in one the month of June, 127 pages of reflective practices to empower you. 
This will help you become mindful of your life and make better choices
This planner will help you create new habits.
This planner will help you cultivate gratitude into your life.
This planner will help you get a macro and micro view of your lifestyle.
You can use all of this information to create a new lifestyle to serve your higher good, become happier with your choices, eat healthy for your needs, shape your business up, use your time wiser and so much more.


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What people are saying about Face Yoga Ireland's June pdf Wellness Planner

"I got one for May and already I see a change in my attitude. Now that i have sent he bigger picture I've been able to look at food in a kinder way and lice my body more. I've seen where my time drains and am using my time to do more selfcare, decent work from home and fun. " Annie 


"Magic girl! Like you said, I got a big picture view of my life and know love it more. I loves the gratitude work. I'll be buying this again. Thanks!" Rachel

"I was able to make more time for my new business from seeing my patterns and interrupting them. Lockdown has been hard but I was able to use this planner to balance and find joy in the moment too." Amanda


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Buy it for less than the price of a cup of coffee and see the benefits for yourself, Michelle