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Sandalwood Malas and their Sustainability - Hand Made in Ireland

I first met Sanyamatma at his home yoga studio outside Rosemore, in Co. Tipperary. He was staring at my take-away coffee cup and wasn't sure where I should leave it before we headed in for practice. Taking my shoes off at the door, i realised that this may be Tipperary but Sanyamatma is the real deal.

He and his family holiday in Greece in an ashram there to further their practice. After a great class with mantra, proses and sleep yoga I bid farewell only to be greeted by my coffee cup beside my empty shoes.

Looking around their large and simple kitchen I saw only fruit hanging, vegetables stewing, and garlic drying. No place for a Starbucks disposable coffee cup here. And the reality of sustainability and walking the walk hit me so hard.

That was all back in 2017 and I have moved on. I adore my Sandalwood mala, it was my first. It is sustainably made and is still going strong. I do like to add some Sandalwood essential oil to it but it is just to further my mindful practice.

The below was sent to me by my mala maker, remember you can buy these mantra infused malas in the shop.

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world, prized for it's cosmetic and therapeutic values as well as it's incredible natural fragrance. Due to increasing demand and dwindling resources, sandalwood has become a cut throat business. In 2002 the Indian Government banned the cutting of all sandalwood trees, except by the state forest department. Currently, sandalwood is difficult to source and morally questionable as it is still classified as a 'vulnerable' or 'endangered' species. Until the situation improves, I will be using high quality imitation beads.

These imitation beads are soaked in sandalwood oil. The scent remains when used for japa, but will fade in time when worn.
The beads are carefully machine cut and are evenly sized.
Beginners will find this mala perfect for mantra practice.