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What is Face Yoga Ireland all about?

Face Yoga Ireland is a place where we can use yoga poses designed for the face along with proper botanical and chemical skincare routines to bring up our life energy, improve lymphatic drainage and tone and uplift our face.

There will be an ecourse, but working form home during the lockdown while minding my toddler is leaving me with small slots of time. Ideally, there would be a videoographer, makeup, hir stylists, but it seems it will be just me creating this course by myself.

                                          face yoga ireland

Till I have all of this together, I do have an amazing planner to buy at a majourly reduced cost. As an Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Face Yoga Teacher, Primary School Teacher, and Hypnotherapist I have learnt and experienced fist hand the importance of writing down what I would love to see more of in my life, accepting what is currently in my life, and what I am grateful for followed by simple daily goals and writing down my achievements is a game-changer. 

Covid may be keeping us home but we still have control over how we plan our days.


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Michelle x