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I LOVE Neal's Yard


Well - is how myself and my mates greeted each other as teens and now it is a way of life. I am well. You can be too. Better than well.

  • Did you ever just feel meeeeh?
  • Maybe low personal energy?
  • Spent weekends just imagining your life away?
  • Had aches, pains, poor dull skin, thin hair, digestion issues?
  • Dragging yourself to baby group?
  • Can you imagine leaving all of that behind?

Of course you can!  December 2018 I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was a primary school teacher, mom, suffer loss in my little family, had aches and pains my doctors were puzzles at, low mood.

When I heard about essential oils I just felt it deep down there was an answer here. So, I joined up and have never looked back.


What are the benefits of NYO

  • I use their skincare range as it is organic, essential oil based, clean, green beauty.
  • We take their supplements to stay healthy, healthy skin and hair, balanced moods and more energy.
  • We use the oils to make wellness kits for first aid, travel, baby, even presents!
  • I use essential oils to help balance my hormones, to ease away period pain, to clam me from PMT.
  • Aromatherapy baths for the soul.


Learn cool DIY with me - We use oils to make:
Green perfume.
Luxurious facial oil.
Hair growth blends.
Hair fixing spray.
Bath salts.
Calm baby.
Happy Toddler roll on.
Positive Mind blend.
Room spray.
Linen spray.
Bad dream away spray.
Ouchie spray.
Happy tummy blend.
Spots away.
Ointments, facial serums, sprary, blends, diffuser uplifting blends. I could go on and on!


The Science of Neal's Yard

The most tested essential oils in the worlds with a family like community. Meet up with us in Tipperary, Cork, Galway, Dublin, London, Berlin,, in your home.

By following these green principles you will cross over to the greener and easier side of life.

This will become your new norm. 


STAY WITH ME - because that's where I am going. green, clean, happy, glowing and easy easey.

I have such a strong desire to teach you what I know.


Who am I?

A mother, a primary school teacher, a science degree holder, a Kinesiologist, an Aromatherapist, a Herbalist, a Face Yoga Teacher, a Hypnotherapist. But more important than that I am a member of Ireland's most successful, educated and fun Neal's Yard Team.



What is doTERRA

doTERRA is a simple and cheap way to buy the best essential oils and essential oil products in the world.

You simple pay EUR 24 to set up an account.


I have friends all over Ireland now, all over the world.

I can go to a party with my own homemade gifts which are SO LOVED! I changed how I lived my life by changing my social circle.

New friends meant an easier transition. They had been on the path for longer than me so I copied them. 

It's not a magic formula it is a magic way of life, it is the magic of science, of friends, of beautiful products.

And when you understand that you will understand life to a higher level. 

It is incredible. doTERRA is incredible.

It is a wonderful way of life.

Reach out, email me personally on Moloney.Michelle @ Follow us on Insta or my personal account (linked ot the biz acc) We can have a video chat and learn more and if it suits you cool.

Chat soon hun, Michelle x 

Set up your account by clicking on this link to my doTERRA Shop.

2. In the next page that opens up just on click on Join & Save and then click JOIN doTERRA.

3. In the picture below you just select your language, location and country. 

4. Select Wholesale Customer.

5. In the picture below you will see you just need to enter your personal information.


6. Make sure you have my enroller ID 6907418   Michelle R King

7. In the picture below select the Kit  you want to invest and get the enrollment fee included. Or scroll through and see which kits suit you needs. Or just pay the enrollment fee and get oils later. 

To finish and pay, click view totals and input your shipping and payment details.

You will get an email from doTERRA with your customer number.

Then pop me an email to my personal account - Moloney.Michelle @ with your details and we can have a chat about what you want from these oils. I am a Wellness coach, Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist, Primary Teacher and Face Yoga Teacher but mainly I am an Irish mammy, looking for balance, using green,clean skincare, mineral makeup, plant based happy non-hippy.


When you want to a consultation: 

Takes about 20 minutes to have this chat. We can chat again when your oils or skincare arrives to go over it. 

And you will be added to whatever groups you want. I like the Whatsapp group with my team. And our Facebook groups.

Whichever suits you.

Chat to you soon

Michelle x